A Little Giveaway Rules

An entire month of giveaways started January 18th!
We will be opening a contest every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  You will have 7 days to enter.  Winners are announced on the 8th day.  We have so many great companies that we are eager to share with you!  Here's how it works...
(if your company would like to participate, please email
How to enter:
  • First, BECOME A FAN OF OURS ON FACEBOOK, subscribe to our RSS feed, our twitter feed, tweet about our giveaway and/or facebook about our giveaway and put our blog button on your blog (extra entries in giveaway!)
  • make sure for each extra entry, you leave an extra comment and tell us what you did  (i.e. i put my button on your blog)
  • Next, visit the awesome vendor's blog and check out your favorite items
  • Leave a comment in the post about the prize up for grabs, include what items you especially enjoy on their site or what you would like to win (some giveaways will have you choose!)
  • Each contest will last one week.
  • Easy as that! 
  • Remember to also put in your post whether you blogged about it, became a facebook fan, subscribed to our feed or our twitter feed, or put up our button (1 extra entry for each one!!!)

How winners are determined:
  • Winners will be announced 8 days after the contest opens.
  • Winners are selected through a random integer finder, coordinating with the number of post.

How you will get your prize:
  • You will be put in contact with us or the vendor and we or they will make arrangements for you to receive your prize!
Good Luck!


Deb said...

I am not very tech savvy, do I put your blog as a button on my blog?

corinne said...

Deb, here is how you do it:
you go to your blogger dashboard and click on "layout."
to the right of the area where you make posts are little boxes where you put your links, blog history, etc. there should be a box you can click on that says "add a gadget." from there, you will get a list of items you can add to your blog, one of which says "html/javascript." click on that. in the content area of that window when it opens, paste the html code that you can copy from underneath our button on the sidebar of our blog. you can add any title you want, or no title at all in the "title" window. easy as that. let me know if that made no sense!

corinne said...

nevermind deb that didn't work! i just tried it myself. we need to fix the html code. in the meantime, you can just right click on the button, save it to your computer, and the follow the same instructions above but instead of selecting the box that says "html/javascript" (from add a gadget) just select the box that says "picture" and then select the button from your own hard drive. that should work! let me know if it doesn't. there are other fancy schmancy ways of doing it but this is the easiest for now i think!

Deb said...



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