A Little Parenting... Bowling

By Janet
Monday night we were looking for something fun to do as a family. Because it is Christmas break, we have all our kids at home right now, and their ages range from 3 to 23. When you remember that my autistic and delayed sons are also in the mix, well, its, shall we say, a challenge finding something to please everyone.

We thought about getting a babysitter and going to see Avatar with the older kids, but when you add up the cost of five adult movie tickets (3D) plus popcorn and drinks (crazy expensive), plus the babysitter, well, you are looking at almost $100.00. Pretty steep. Also, that leaves the younger kids out and means a night in front of the TV for them.

Then I had an idea. Why not try bowling? We'd done it before, but it had been a long time ago, when the little boys were much younger.

I looked online and found a deal- $49.95 for a lane of bowling for 75 minutes. It included shoes, a large pizza, bread sticks and two pitchers of soda. I talked to my husband about it, and we decided to give it a try.

It turned out great. We got the end lane. There were nine of us (my son brought a friend) and we all had lots of fun. The little boys took turns bowling here and there with a ramp and bumpers and were happy as could be. The music and lights were fun and upbeat, and we all found ourselves making fools of ourselves dancing around. Seeing my tiny-for-his age six year old trying to spin on his back as he break danced was, well, just about too cute for words. The pizza was good, the breadsticks great, and the company the best.

So, next time you are looking for a fun night out as a family, think about giving bowling another try. Check online and in your Happenings coupon book for deals.

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