A Little Idea... Crayons

By Somer

There are so many crayons in this house I think we could supply an entire school. Yet some how we continue to end up with a whole lot of broken crayons that no one wants to use.  We spent one day last week tearing paper off broken crayons and finding new ways to use them.

We ended up making some heart-shaped crayons. Sillycone has great silicone molds in all kinds of shapes, but we just used ice cube molds from IKEA. 

Next time I think I will coat the molds with a little oil, because by the second batch it was a little difficult to get the crayons out.   

We also made stained glass hearts to decorate the windows, but I have yet to display that wonder. The melted crayon shaving paper could be cut into any number of shapes, from Easter eggs to bats. 

Both are definitely projects where little hands come in handy, as my hands were tired of sharpening crayons and little people may be necessary to fully appreciate crayons melting in the oven.

And while you're melting your crayons, here is another idea I thought was pretty great. The magic coloring wands would make a great party favor.


Candace said...

Oh, I love this idea!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Those magic coloring wands do look awesome! (tucking that away for someone's bday party in May!)

Angie@treasures for tots said...

Your crayon hearts are too cute! Thank you for linking my magic coloring wands too!!

Sara said...

Those are such great ideas! I think it would be so fun for my students...if I can get permission from my principal to do it! The wands would be so fun for them too! Great pointers for reading!
Thanks for sharing!


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