A Little Music.. The XX

by Katie

One of my favorite things about music is how fun it is when a song just explodes into your brain and you simply cannot stop listening to it. And I especially love it when such a song comes out of nowhere on a random Tuesday night. I was catching up on a little Facebook the other night and my sister, who has wonderful taste in both clothing and bands, had a particularly lovely lyric posted in her status update. I googled them and came up with The xx, ( a little British Trio whose first album came out last summer.

The song is called "Islands" and there are about a hundred reasons to love it. I'll give you three 1. Boy/Girl vocals. There is something about two voices in a love song that melts me right into the ground. 2. Instant catchiness. This song doesn't need one second to "grow" on you. The attraction is immediate. 3. The lyric that caught my attention? "I am yours now, so I don't have to leave anymore." Yep. Sounds about right to me.  source:  wikipedia

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Anonymous said...

Totally like this song!


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