A Little Nutrition... Non-Animal Protein Sources

by Corinne
A friend of mine shared this blog post on her feed reader from Linda's Raw Recipe Box (and I just got around to seeing it).

I thought it was very interesting, informative... and since it is a new year and many of us have made resolutions that have to do with our food intake and variety, this is a great little read! I am definitely going to start eating more quinoa! Yum.

And I will remember to eat more almonds! (Because, delicious! Not to mention a good and easy snack).

P.S. Below "The China Study" is referenced - a book I tried to get my book club to read this year. They all laughed in my face! Ha ha ha. Well at least I tried! :)

More Details: Linda's Raw Recipe Box


judy said...

ha! I tried to suggest The China Study for our book group too and was shot down. What is up with that?! It would make for awesome discussion.

corinne said...

Judy I completely agree! It is so very worth thinking about! I still plan to read it this year, then maybe you and I can discuss.


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