A Little Beauty (Naturally)... Honey Mask

By Aly
Honey is an incredible natural moisturizer. It is also very effective at minimizing pores. My skin can get especially dry in Winter. My solution? A honey mask. Here's how:
Cleanse your face as usual. Pat dry. Apply honey, avoiding eye area. Let sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. I like to do it while I soak in the bath. (You will actually be able to see the honey absorbing into your pores). Rinse with warm water, follow with a splash of cool water. Pat dry. Follow with your regular moisturizer. Notice the amazing difference!

This treatment is especially helpful with blemishes (not that I've ever had one).
I even got my husband to try it and now he loves it! See if you can get your man to try...


Candace said...

And why haven't I seen a picture of Tyson with honey all over his face??

blonderunner said...

Great tips! I know I use it in my triathlon races for fuel - but I will have to try this. Thanks.

Leslie said...

Very cool Aly, not that I'm in need of it or anything......sense the heavy sarcasm :)

Hall of Fame said...

tried this ... loved it ... even got Jared to do it (t-zone only)! Tip: next time your at McDonalds (not that we eat there ...) ask for some honey packets, perfect amount to do yours and your honeys face!


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