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by Erin

I took the very last of my Christmas decorations down today. I know. SAD. I guess it really is time to let go of the holidays and settle fully into January. Wa-hoo. (You could cut my enthusiasm with a knife couldn't you?)

One nice thing about settling back into reality is that actually decent television returns. (I don't know about you, but I can only watch Rudolph so many times before I start wondering what Yukon Cornelius would look like without his head...)

And just so you don't miss the return of all your favorite shows, I've provided you with a list! (Thank you Michael Ausiello @ for doing the research!) Those with a star next to them are shows I really enjoy, and think you should enjoy too! (Some of these dates have already passed, but that way you will know that your show is already back and you better get caught up!)

And now it's your turn to comment back! Let me know which shows you love, and I'll do my best to keep you posted on all the latest news. My post will only be as interesting as you make them, so the ball is in your court people! Otherwise you're going to be hearing a whole lot about Bones, and Chuck, just sayin'!

Sunday, Jan. 3
Desperate Housewives returns (ABC), 9 PM
Brothers and Sisters returns (ABC), 10 PM

Monday, Jan. 4
The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love premieres (ABC), 8 PM
The Secret Life of the American Teenager returns (ABC Family), 8 PM
Heroes returns (NBC), 8 pm (moves back to 9 PM on Jan. 11)
Make It or Break It returns (ABC Family), 9 PM

Tuesday, Jan. 5
NCIS returns (CBS), 8 PM
New season of The Biggest Loser premieres (NBC), 8 PM
NCIS: Los Angeles returns (CBS), 9 PM
The Good Wife returns (CBS), 10 PM

Wednesday, Jan. 6
Mercy returns (NBC), 8 PM
The Middle returns (ABC), 8 PM
Law & Order: SVU (NBC), 9 PM
Modern Family returns (ABC), 9 PM
Friday Night Lights returns (DirecTV 101), 9 PM
Cougar Town returns (ABC), 9:30 PM
Ugly Betty returns (ABC), 10 PM (new night)
Final season of Nip/Tuck premieres (FX), 10 PM

Friday, Jan. 8
Ghost Whisperer returns (CBS), 8 PM
Medium returns (CBS), 9 PM
Numb3rs returns (CBS), 10 PM

Sunday, Jan. 10
New season of Big Love premieres (HBO), 10 PM
New season of Chuck premieres (NBC), 9 PM*

Monday, Jan. 11
Chuck settles into regular 8 pm timeslot*
NEW House returns (FOX), 8 pm*
How I Met Your Mother returns (CBS), 8 PM
Accidentally on Purpose returns (CBS), 8:30 PM
Two and a Half Men returns (CBS), 9 PM
The Big Bang Theory returns (CBS), 9:30 PM
CSI: Miami returns (CBS), 10 PM
Castle returns (ABC), 10 pm

Tuesday, Jan. 12
New season of American Idol premieres (FOX), 8 PM
Southland returns (TNT), 10 PM

Wednesday, Jan. 13
The New Adventures of Old Christine returns (CBS), 8 p.m.
Gary Unmarried returns (CBS), 8:30 p.m.
Criminal Minds returns (CBS), 9 p.m.*
CSI: NY returns (CBS), 10 p.m.
Leverage returns (TNT), 10 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 14
Bones returns (FOX), 8 PM*
Community returns (NBC), 8 PM*
Parks and Recreation returns (NBC), 8:30 PM*
30 Rock returns with back-to-back episodes (NBC), 9 PM*
CSI returns (CBS), 9 PM
Fringe returns (Fox), 9 PM
Grey’s Anatomy returns (ABC), 9 PM
Private Practice returns (ABC), 10 PM
New season of Project Runway premieres (Lifetime), 10 PM
The Mentalist returns (CBS), 10 PM

Friday, Jan. 15
Law & Order returns (NBC), 8 pm

Sunday, Jan. 17
Human Target premieres (FOX), 8 PM
24 four-hour, two-night premiere part 1 (FOX), 9 PM

Monday, Jan. 18
One Tree Hill returns (The CW), 8 PM
Life UneXpected (The CW), 9 PM
24 four-hour, two-night premiere part 2 (FOX), 8 PM

Tuesday, Jan. 19
White Collar returns (USA), 10 PM*

Wednesday, Jan. 20
New season of Being Erica premieres (SOAPnet), 10 PM

Thursday, Jan. 21
The Vampire Diaries (The CW), 8 PM
Supernatural returns (The CW), 9 PM
The Office returns (NBC), 9 PM*
Burn Notice returns (USA), 10 PM

Friday, Jan. 22
Smallville returns (The CW), 8 PM

Monday, Jan. 25
Damages returns (FX), 10 PM
Greek returns (ABC Family), 10 PM

Wednesday, Jan. 27
Psych returns (USA), 10 PM*

Tuesday, Feb. 2
Final season of Lost premieres (ABC), 9 PM

Monday, March 1
Parenthood premieres (NBC), 9 PM

Thursday, March 4
FlashForward returns (ABC), 8 PM

Monday, March 8
Gossip Girl returns (The CW), 8 PM

Tuesday, March 9
90210 returns (The CW), 8 PM
Melrose Place returns (The CW), 9 PM

Thursday, March 18
NEW FlashForward returns (ABC), 8 PM

Monday, March 22
New season of Nurse Jackie premieres (Showtime), 10 PM
New season of United States of Tara premieres (Showtime), 10:30 PM

Tuesday, March 30
V returns (ABC), 10 PM

Monday, April 12
Final season of The Tudors premieres (Showtime), 9 PM

Tuesday, April 13
Glee returns (FOX), 9 PM*****(If you haven't been watching this... COME ON!)

Special Events
The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special: in 3-D! on Ice! (FOX), Jan. 10. at 8:30 PM
The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards (NBC), on Jan. 17
Dollhouse series finale (FOX), Jan. 22 at 9 PM
16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (TNT/TBS), Jan. 23
Smallville: Absolute Justice TV movie (CW), Feb. 5 at 8 PM
Winter Olympics (NBC), Feb. 12-28

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k8 said...

Friday Night Lights comes back to NBC sometime this spring. It's Season Four but you have time to catch up! I honestly don't know a single person who I have pitched the show to who doesn't love it. It is the very best thing on television-and it's just about regular old life. You don't have to be a football fan AT ALL to love the show.

Also seconded-30 Rock and Glee! Not just a little great!


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