A Little Style... Mason Jars

By Aly
{Numbered Mason Jars by Pottery Barn}

I am into Mason Jars. In fact, I am trading out all my glasses for Mason Jars. It all started when my husband started using the one jar we had in the cupboard. It about drove me mad! But then I fell in love. Here are some Mason Jars I think are a little great!  Enjoy:
{Perfect for sipping lemonade: The Hostess with the Mostess}
{"Perfect Masons" 48" x 60", Oil on Canvas By Bradford Overton (who just happens to be my big brother)}


sagefemme said...

I am a big fan of mason jars, too. We use pint jars for drinking, and they are just right. I also use them intead of "tupperware" to store leftovers. And the half-gallon ones as canisters for beans, sugars, dried fruits. I designed a floor-to-ceiling "jar shelf" into one wall of the kitchen in my house. Nothing more beautiful to me, as kitchen decor, than glistening glass with colorful contents!

ABrooks said...

I would love to see your "jar shelf"! send a pic to you may be featured.


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