A Little Crafty... Valentine's Necklace

by Somer
Feeling a bit inspired by this pretty necklace. I decided to make somethings similar for Valentine's Day. You do need to know how to crochet for this project.  (Click "read more" below for full directions).

Using a size E hook and a worsted weight, cotton yarn, I used this pattern for little hearts and this technique for stringing them together (scroll to the bottom of the post,) to make a Valentine necklace for one of my girls.  Instead of chaining 45 though, I chained 25 and in between the single crochets, only four chains. Then between the hearts, 12 chains. So, 25 ch, *sc to top of a heart, 4 ch, sc in top of same heart, 12 ch* repeat to attach two more hearts, finish with 25 ch, finish off and tie ends together. 

For this second one, I chained and made the hearts without cutting the yarn.

So, I chained 25, then started into a heart. Once I finished the heart, (I was back to the top of the heart) I chained four and slipstitched to the bottom of the heart. Then continued with the rest of the chains, placing hearts along the way.

For a headband, make your heart and then start chaining until it is big enough to almost fit around your head. Remembering that crochet stretches and not making it too big.

Slipstitch to the bottom point of the heart. Cut thread, finish, and weave in ends.

And you have a cute headband.

Happy crocheting.

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Mique (as in Mickey) said...

Oh I have to pass this on to my sister. She's a crocheter (what's the right term?) Adorable. Thanks again for linking up. xoxo Mique


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