A Little Idea... Neighborhood Valentine Exchange

by Aly
I got an email from my neighbor.  She said that she misses the Valentine's exchanges we had when we were kids.  You remember... staying up late working on your Valentine's box masterpiece, secret messages on the card you gave to your crush, looking for the underlying message in his card to you (he loves me, he loves me not).

These days Valentine's Day at school is much different.  My kid's school doesn't allow boxes or even candy.  So in order to keep the Valentine's tradition of sugary goodness alive we are going to take matters into our own hands!  We are going to start a Neighborhood Valentine Exchange!  You should too!

How it works:
  • Put a flier on your neighbors doors to let them know.
  • Kids place their boxes on their porches Saturday Morning.
  • The exchange begins at noon and kids run wild through the neighborhood (think Halloween) delivering love.  Ah, the nostalgia.


Mique (as in Mickey) said...

Great idea. I totally agree- nowadays at school Valentine's is not the same (and especially since it's on Sunday- but maybe we can take this idea to Primary?). We have a wellness policy. So NO treats.
Thanks for linking up to 30days. xoxo Mique

Tami H. said...

I just read the email. Great idea! We are so excited to participate!

Hall of Fame said...

Myalyn and Ben totally will participate, have your boxes out so they can place their sweets in there to share. :)


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