A Little Reading...Children's Best Audio Books

"Mommy, I want a story!"

This is what we hear multiple times a day in our home- the solution when I've run dry on imagination? Audio books! Great ones- ones that engage the children, build vocabulary and entertain.

Is the trip to the library worth it? Well, how many hours do you-and your children- spend in the car a day? Yes, hours- count them up. 30 minutes to and from school; 15 minutes waiting, 40 round trip to the gym, 15 to the store, 10 to get gas. We are in our vehicles and average of two hours a day!

And children are reported to spend an average of 3-5 hours a day in front of the TV!
According to The Read Aloud Handbook, the most important thing we can do to help develop avid readers is to read to children of all ages, 6 months or 16. The following is my personal list of favorites; these have incredible narrators, a compelling story line, and are worth listening to multiple times.

The Trumpet of the Swan, Stewart Little, Charlotte's Web (read by EB White himself!)
Dragon Rider (read by Brendon Frasier- I always thought he was a little on the dense side, but his reading of this novel is terrific)
Dr. Seuss Horton Hears a Who and other Classics (read by Dustin Hoffman)
The Box Car Children
Ella Enchanted
Harry Potter Series
The Story of the World (all four volumes- our personal fave)
Aurthur (all read by the author Marc Brown)
Amelia Bedilia
Skippy John Jones (read by the author in accent)



Jen said...

My little guy loves books on CD. I'm happy to have a few new ideas. Thanks!

Lisita said...

I love that I got on here not knowing the previous comment is my little sister. I take credit for her playing books on CD for her son! ;) We started listening to kids books on CD on a road trip and we always have one from the library in the house. My daughter loves it! If you haven't tried!!!


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