A Little Crafty... Double Strand Chain Headband

by Somer
This just may be the easiest headband ever. 
You need two jump rings, needle-nose pliers, a hair band, and 36"-40" of chain. I bought my chain in the sold-by-the-yard section of a craft store, but you can find chain in the jewelry section, or you can buy a second-hand necklace and cut it up.
Fold the chain in half and attach a jump ring to the middle link.
Attach second jump ring to both end links. Now attach jump rings to hair band. Make sure the jump rings are secure or they will open when you put it on.
 And you're done. Just be careful when you put it on to stretch the hair band and not pull on the chain.


Cynthia said...

Very pretty and creative, Somer!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Fresh and cool! Thank you, Somer!


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