A Little Idea... Glitter Toes (by You)

by Aly
(Me in my jammies)
It's Spring... sorta.  My Uggs are too hot and my pregnant feet are too swollen to wear cute flats.  So I am into flip flop/sandal season a little early this year.  My toes were looking less than adorable having been packed into boots for months.  So I decided to give them a little pick-me-up!  Thanks to my cute friend Angie for sharing this idea with me last summer... it sure has come in handy.  Hope you like it too!

What you Need:
  • Clear top coat
  • Glitter - I used Martha Steward brand from Micheal's.  It's very fine and the colors are beautiful.
  • Your toes
How To:
  • Generously and quickly apply top coat
  • Immediately sprinkle glitter of wet top coat
  • Allow to dry
  • Apply another generous coat of top coat
  • Allow to dry
If you want to do it all Summer, may I recommend:


      bugs 'n' bees said...

      You're a doll!
      You just saved me $25!
      Can't wait to try!!!

      CaSsAnDuH said...

      I have been doing this since my first glitter toe pedicure that was $30! I was annoyed that it cost so much so I went to walmart and bought a ton of sparkles and mixed them up! I have some cute blended colors. I really like the red though. Walmart has some chunky glitter and it gets hard to work with.

      Hall of Fame said...

      Cool, now I know what I'll use my Michael's 40% coupon for, YEAH! Aly, your toes are HOT!

      LivingInspired said...

      Seriously? You just toss some glitter on those babies? Great idea!

      ABrooks said...

      Thanks girls! Hope you enjoy!


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