A Little Idea... Throw Yourself a Birthday Party!

My Birthday Day Trip to Salt Lake City!
Want some fun with the girls?  Here's an idea... plan a "stay-cation".  Visit fun local sites and shops.  Make a day of it!  I did!

Here is the invitation that I sent to everyone:
Come celebrate with me!
I am so looking forward to our day out on Saturday! My hope is that we
will discover some fun/cool places in our own hometown. Here is our
itinerary for the day....

We will meet at Le Madeleines (216 east 500 south) at 11:00 AM for a
Kouing-aman, a rich buttery pastry featured on the food network's "The
best thing I ever ate" or you can get whatever you desire! From there
we will walk over to the SLC Library, not every city’s library gets
voted Library of the Year so I figure we had better check it out!
With our heads full of words we will stop by Frosty Darling 177 east
300 south The ice cream-parlor color palette and eye-candy inventory
make the impossibly cute city boutique impossible to avoid stepping
foot in! Pick up a little knickknack or doodad for yourself, but if
not, just browsing through Frosty Darling is a sweet treat!
We will then head to Salt Lake new Caffe Niche (779 E. 300 South) to
fill our stomachs. I trust you’ll like the menu, the service and the atmosphere!
We will end our day at the quaint Ninth and Ninth district (900 S. 900
East) where we can browse fun shops like Hip and Humble for
trendy-meets-classy home decor; Koo de Ker for hip dresses skirts and
tops; Ten for European sneaks; The Children’s Hour for the latest from
European designers; Cahoots for kitschy/quirky gifts and cards; and
Floribunda for classic stationery and gifts.
Since we will be the neighborhood we might have to stop by
EmilieJaynes, a thrift store on Martha Stewart steroids, to find
a treasure! 8th South 8th East.
I am so happy that you can join me on my day trip to Salt Lake City!
(Believe me it was really hard for me NOT to put TJ Maxx/Home Goods on this list!)
I can't wait to be with all of my favorite girls!
See you on Saturday!
In lieu of donations to your favorite charity, please bring me a gift!

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