A Little Crafty... Flower Accessory

For an added way to wear the necklace, you can make a flower pin using the burnt edge method
 I used a piece of sheer polyester material, three leftover beads, a needle, thread, a 1" pin back, and a candle.
Start by cutting out 8-10 circles, and I use the word circles loosely.
Hold petals above candle, singeing the edges of each petal all the way around. The singeing will cause the petals to curl as well as sealing the edges so they don't fray.
Stack flower petals on top of each other, graduating in size.
Sew petals together going from front...
to back a few times, making sure all petals are secure.
Sew three beads in the center of the flower.
Sew pin back to flower, back center.
To wear on your necklace, close the clasp and fold the necklace in half. Pin through the beads and the jump ring then wear the necklace with the flower, clipping flower in place on your clothing if you need.

1 comment:

Meg said...

I love this. I'm going out right now and making one of my own. Love the part about the candle. You learn something new everyday!


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