A Little Style... Oscars Gowns I Love and Some I Love to Hate

by Aly
I don't actually watch the Oscars.  But tonight we were at the in-law's and my Mother-in-law wanted to watch.  I didn't care so much who won, though I was rooting for Sandra, but I loved watching the gowns.  I loved some of them and didn't so much love others.  What did you think?

Oh, So Good
Sandra's gown was my absolute fave tonight.  Wouldn't you just love to wear this?  That's what I think makes a design great: women really wanting to wear it.  I couldn't stop staring at her.  She looked incredible.

You have got to love Meryl.  The woman knows when to stop and where to start.  There were so many women who looked like they were making up for having missed the prom and were a little out-o-control with the chiffon and ruffles and such.  This dress was refreshingly simple and classic.  My sis-in-law thinks she's too old to wear that plunging neckline.  I disagree.
Sandy Powell won for Costume Design.  I love, love, her look.  She didn't look like she was trying too hard, on the contrary, she looked like she knew what she was doing.  I guess that's to be expected from an Oscar-winning costume designer.  I appreciated watching her walk onto the stage with ease, knowing she looked amazing.  It seemed to me like so many of the stars were wondering if they would be on the worst-dressed list.  Thank you Sandy!

Charlize, say it isn't so.  Maybe she didn't have a full-length mirror.  Why is she wearing cinnabuns on her breasts?  I had to look away when I saw this on the screen.  There is just not a lot to say.

This poor child.  She couldn't stand up straight for fear that her chest would fall out.  Bummer.

You know I love SJP but this was a swing and miss.  How do you miss with vintage Chanel?  Her spray tan was pretty bad and the eye makeup was not working for her.  I felt uncomfortable.
Oh no, J Lo!  I wanted to jump inside the television and chop off this weird hip ruffle she had going on.  Simply not flattering.  I think I had a Barbie dress just like this in the 80's.  On anyone else this dress would have been a Class A Felony... but it's pretty hard to make Jenni from the Block look bad; such a shame.

I so want to know what you loved and didn't love.  Tell me, tell me, tell me!


Hall of Fame said...

Yikes J.Lo's dress is modeled after Barbie's. What was she thinking? Loving Sandra Bullock's!

somewhereinthyme said...

I wish Sandra Bulloch had worn red lipstick with her dress. I cannot pinpoint why but did not like the bright fuschia lipstick. The dress and she both looked awesome.

Mikellcs said...

Love Sandra, thought the same thing about Miley. But I thought the J-Lo and SJP dresses were kind of cool, in an avant garde kind of way... Maybe better suited for another event, I don't know.


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