A Little Beauty... Coconut Oil

I am a big believer in coconut oil.  I keep a jar on my nightstand and in the bathroom.  I use it for a myriad of things:
1. Mosturizer.  Body and face and sometimes around my eyes.
2. Eye Make-up Remover.
3. Hair Product... I use it as a shine product and to tame flyaways.
4. Pre-pool or beach "glistener"... HA, I'm such a dork.
5. Anti-bacterial properties.  In the Winter I get little sores in my nose (not cool, I know) and my mom originally gave me a jar to combat this problem.  It kinda worked, though good ol' Neosporin worked better.  I eventually found better uses for that jar...
6. Massage oil... You will think you're in Tahiti.
7. Sometimes I just open it up to smell it!

In India it is used for haircare, which I didn't know till I wrote this post.  It's great for dandruff apparently.  Now go forth and beautify!


sage femme said...

I'm a massage therapist and use it with my clients, especially for hot stone. All of its lovely properties are enhanced by mixing with a little Jojoba oil...

(Chantel's Aunt Ellen)

haley said...

where can i find some?

ABrooks said...

You can get it at the grocery store or health food store :)

Tami H. said...

I purchased a jar of this magic over a year ago on Aly's recommendation and have LOVED it! I add a few drops of essential oils to it and it is heaven! A jar will last you a LONG time! Thanks Aly!


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