A Little Crafty... Catalog Flowers

Happy Earth Day!  How about some upcycled flowers?
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For this project, you need brads and pin backs.
Some magazines and catalogs out of the recycling bin.
Along with some cardboard boxes.

Cut flower shapes out of the boxes and colorful pages of the catalogs. I made the cardboard flowers slightly bigger than the paper flowers. For each flower I used seven paper flowers and one cardboard flower.  Use a nail to punch a hole in each cardboard flower and hot glue a pin to the back.
Now cut three peanut-looking shapes from the catalogs. Put those shapes on the brad first, alternating like a propeller. You may need to cut a little slit or have a hole punch handy to get the brad through the paper flowers.
Next put the paper flowers on the brad followed by the cardboard flower. Folding the brad out to secure the pieces.
Then, pinch the petals toward the center to make a 3-d effect.
The flowers look kind of ruffled, like a peony. Use the pin back to clip it on backpacks or clothes. You can also wrap the brad around a pipe cleaner for a vase full of little recycled flowers.

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Deb - Two Cheeky Monkeys said...

Thanks for the great idea! I will try this out with my little girls for sure.


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