A Little Style... Retro-Style Swim Suits

I love the retro, pin-up girl, curvy look.  Since I am planning on giving birth one of these days (pray for me) and I also plan on taking advantage of the neighborhood pool... even with the baby weight, I was shopping online today for some suits that might work for my post-baby figure.  Mind you, I am not in the least bit "curvy" normally (sigh) so it's almost like a little treat to get to wear a suit that may require some... ah... curves.
Here are some of my faves.  Which are on your shopping list?  Oh, and if you have seen any around, be a pal and post a link in the comments!  (Just click on the pic to shop.)

This one is pretty nifty... you can wear it three different ways.

So conservative!  Those of you who know me and have actually seen me at the neighborhood pool are wondering what's going on.  Has Aly turned over a new leaf?  Click Read More to see the suit I really want...
 Ah... Now that's more like it ;)  ...Some day!


Karen said...

I love retro swimsuits! Retro two-pieces are dreamy, too. ModCloth has a ton available:

avonlea_ann said...

I just ordered one just like the first picture only it wasn't halter, just regular straps. I'm glad it's one you approve of! :) By the way, it was from Beyond the Rack. Love that site! (mention my name and we both get a $10 discount)


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