A Little Crafty... Teacher Appreciation Lanyard

With teacher appreciation week coming up I am busy making lanyards.  Last year I used this tutorial [], but I learned that the teachers at my kids' school are required to have a quick release on their lanyards. So this year I tried something just a little different. 

You need: fabric, velcro, and lanyard hardware (I used a key ring and clip.)
Cut a strip of fabric 3" by the length of the fabric, which is usually about 44".
Fold short ends in 2" and press.
Fold strip in half longways and press. Unfold and bring both edges almost to the middle pressed line and press in place. Now, fold it back in half and iron the whole thing really well.
Sew a topstitch close to each edge of the strip and then a third stitch right down the middle.
Slide on the hardware and bring it to the middle. Sew perpendicular to your stitching, as close to the ring as possible and then again 1/4" away.

Cut two pieces of velcro, I like to round of the corners, I feel like it keeps it from lifting. I used Fabric Fusion velcro, its a little pricey, but I really like it. You can also use the sew-in velcro just as easily.
Follow the directions on the package to apply velcro, or sew the velcro in place.
And there you have it, a very cute lanyard for your favorite teacher.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Awesome, I posted this to FB!

Sonja said...

Sweet! I love this! Thank you.

chyanne said...

This is great because any decent quality material would work and most people have something lying around. really great ideas for cheap xmas and birthday gifts too and a great creaft hobby to boot.


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