A Little Crafty... Wooden Bead Necklace

Lately I have been loving wooden beads, it may be obsessive. I made this quick necklace by stringing colorful wooden beads on a piece of leather and tying it.  Really easy...
and fun to wear.
I was inspired by this necklace and so I started with two packages of plain wooden beads, fifteen 1/2" beads and three 1" beads.  I spray painted them with Krylon gloss Cherry Red, lots of coats in a box in the garage.  I started painting outside, but the wind ruined the finish. Threading a skewer through the beads helped to keep them from rolling too much.  The beads are on ribbon so I can lengthen or shorter it by where I tie the bow.

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Hall of Fame said...

I really liked your necklace last night (2nd picture of you). Amazing that you made that, it's super cute!


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