A Little Decorating... Little Boy's Room on a Budget

I recently moved my little boy from one room into another.  I really love how it turned out.  Here's the final product... 
Budget Tips: I purchased these Pottery Barn curtains at the AmVet Thrift Store for like $20.  I got this bed for $50 from a home builder that was selling their staging furniture (best ever)!

My inspiration:  from the pages of Better Homes and Gardens.  I always start with a visual when decorating a room!
Here are some tips for decorating a little boy's room.
1. Pick a theme.  As you can see, I wanted a surfer room for my little guy.  Budget tips: I bought this quilt on ebay for WAY less than I would have paid at somewhere like Pottery Barn Kids.  I got the coat hooks unfinished at the craft store, painted them, and added a little coat of polyurethane.  The white picture frames are from Ikea... I cut up a map and framed coastal locations.
2. Use what you have!  So much of what I used to decorate this room was just stuff I had around my house already.  For example, the crate used as a step, the Hawaiian wall plaques (don't ask why), the little rocking chair, and the photo frames.  Budget Tips: This dresser was given to me for the 10th birthday.  I spray painted it and finished it with paste wax (the only way to refinish furniture).  I also painted his bed blue this way... it was originally pink.
3. Edit!  Decorating is so much an exercise in editing.  You really don't want to over do it.  For the most part, less is more.  Budget Tips: I got the little table at Ikea for $8, it's the perfect size for him.  I also printed the framed surfboard pictures off the internet and framed them with cheap Ikea frames.
4. It's all in the details.  Add fun details... but not too many.  Budget tips: the shelving units are from Target and only about $20 each.  The little wooden man is from Ikea and was only a couple dollars.
5. Keep paint tones neutral and fun at the same time.  As I mentioned I was inspired by the adorable BHG room.  In the magazine it talked about ensuring that the paint tone was livable and not too juvenile i.e. light blue.  (See Courtnie's tips for picking the perfect paint color).  Budget Tip: Find a paint color you like from a magazine or a more expensive paint line, take it to Lowe's or Home Depot and have them match the color.  It's way cheaper and you will never know the difference!

Follow these tips and you will have a happy little guy!  And you will save some serious bucks!

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Candace said...

L's room looks GREAT! I love his dresser. We will get a lot done at my house when you come to visit!


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