A Little Fitness... 5 Ways to Look 5 Years Younger

1. Exercise. The energy that comes from it makes our bodies younger almost instantly. Have you ever stared at a ripped, lean 50 year-old woman at the grocery store? I have! And their secret is consistent weight training, cardio and yoga (mind/body) training. Most also stay away from white food (flour, sugar, pasta) and eat a rainbow instead.
2. Teeth don't need to age. Keep them white.
3. Get a great cut and color and keep up on it. Many salons specialize (like Moore salon in Holladay; ask for Kim) in color and skin analysis. I recently had this done. I've always had big, bushy blonde hair. I learned that my small face was being overwhelmed by my hair, and that the blonde was washing me out. The before and after effect was amazing! I taught an aerobics class the next day and one of the participants thought I was a substitute. She said "Dawn, I thought you were a sub because you looked 10 years younger!"
4. Walk with a tall, strong posture. Keep your shoulders back, the girls up, and lift your body from the crown of your head. Nothing spells "granny" like slouching.
5. Smile. Fine lines and wrinkles disappear with a sincere smile. Remember, smiling is the cheapest face lift!

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