A Little Green... Thoughts on Recycling

Over a year ago, I was watching the news and a story came on about local citizens who were filing a complaint to the city about the smell of the local landfill that was now infiltrating their quiet neighborhoods.  I couldn’t help but laugh as I wondered if these citizens had ever taken a moment to consider whose garbage it was that was causing the awful smell and, consequently, whose problem the smell really is...
 Ever since that day I have tried to make a conscious effort to recycle everything that I can in hopes of helping with the “landfill problem” and keeping my neighborhood smelling nice and clean.  In just one week, I was amazed to find that my usually packed full garbage can was only half full and my recycling can was overflowing by garbage day.  Before my epiphany, I was recycling if it was convenient.  Now, I try to make an extra effort and make sure everything that can be recycled ends up in the right can.  So, here’s my challenge……try it out for one week.  Make sure everything that can be recycled ends up in the recycling bin and sleep “a little better” knowing you are now “a little greener.”
Having a hard time figuring out what you can recycle?  Tape this handy-dandy little list to your fridge for a quick reference.

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