A Little Spring Fever... Gardening

I love gardening.  I could hang out in the dirt all day.  I even love to weed.  For me, there is no better meditation.

It snowed yesterday.

My only consolation... the periwinkle in the backyard is already in bloom.  There are buds on the trees.  Otherwise, I am nearly in tears thinking about how badly I want Spring... and Summer even more so!
I thought I would share what I am looking so forward to.  My garden.
There's nothing better than sitting on my porch on a Summer's day!

OK, now I'm just upsetting myself!  What are you looking forward to this Spring/Summer?  Other than my gardening posts...

1 comment:

Tami H. said...

BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to get dirt under my finger nails too! Let's go get some beer and coke! he he!


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