A Little Style... Cynthia Vincent for Target

The Cynthia Vincent line for Target isn't supposed to arrive until the 18th.  But look what I happened upon at my local store yesterday.  I snatched these babies up so fast!  I am wearing them right now, as you can see, and they are comfy!  They have a great padded sole and they don't flop around on your feet at all.
 The only bummer is that you can't find them online... yet.
Here's more from this much anticipated line...

Happy shopping!


k8 said...

OMG! where do you live??? I am going to go check my target. I need those!

Karen said...

Oh my goodness, those are great! I might have to peek at my local Target to see if they got them in early too!

Candace said...

I am probably out of luck. Our Target doesn't get anyhing that great!

ABrooks said...

Awesome right! I got these at a Target in South Jordan Utah... which makes me think they MUST be everywhere... Let me know if you find them ladies!


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