A Little... Stinker

A friend of mine recently sent me a sample from her new product line, called "Little Stinker."  I wasn't sure about "one more thing" for babies, but was happy to try it out, especially since it is an all-natural product.  I fell in love with it!  It smells DIVINE.  Seriously, I kept sniffing it when I got it, and still do every time I pick it up.  You know when you change your baby's diaper, wipe, wipe, and wipe (even with scented wipes) and it still doesn't smell fresh and clean (like it would after a bath?)  Enter LITTLE STINKER!  Lavender, Vanilla, natural, beautiful, fresh, clean, lovely.

My baby has really sensitive skin and so I was also interested to see if it would cause him to break out in a rash, and behold, it did not!  It also works great on garbage pails, sheets, and husbands, etc. (even says so on the bottle! I tried it out and it is true!  It smells heavenly.  I know I keep saying that, but seriously.  Heavenly.)

I also love this product because it is made by a mom, in the USA, and a portion of her sales go to helping parents buy milk and diapers for their children.  So it is a win-win!  Kathy is one of the coolest mamas I know, and her baby butt spray is just as cool as she is.  You won't be disappointed!

Kathy left her fancy corporate job a year ago to work from home as a full time mom, and has worked hard because she believes in her product.  She has been featured on Studio 5, has a website, and also a personal blog, and you can follow her on twitter.

I asked Kathy a little more about her story and how she became a business mom:

Little Stinker is a natural skin-care line for baby and mother. I am one of three business partners, but I am the sassy (and cuter) business partner. The other two are dads. We met six years ago while working together, and we all had kids in diapers at the time.

We were at lunch one day and Brick said, “You guys, I was changing the worst diaper. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that could solve that lingering odor but used natural products?”

Travis, our formulator and regulatory compliance guy, jumped in, “Yeah, we could formulate it with chamomile and lavender.”

We’ve all had one of those embarrassing public poops and your kid stinks up the place… Little Stinker started out as a baby butt spray but has grown into a skin-care line for baby and mother to resolve the smelly issues of parenthood.

Little Stinker uses natural ingredients and organic botanicals. It is formulated to be hypoallergenic and is pediatrician and dermatologist tested.

We believe in helping support parents in need buy diapers and milk for their babies. A percentage of our sales goes to helping families. 

Kathy is working hard to launch two new products for nursing mothers, so stay tuned on her blog and her website

We love Kathy and think she is a little great, and know you will too!!!

Blog: www.DanishMama.com
Twitter @kathydaltonslc

Twitter: @mylittlestinker


ABrooks said...

I just used this on my two-week-old today. He was smelling a little weird. Love it! It makes him smell like a sweet little baby SHOULD smell! Thanks Kathy!

Kathy D said...

Thank you for testing out Little Stinker in real life. It's been a great process to launch a product that you believe in.

Thank you for your support!


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