A Little Decorating...Vinyl Headboards

Thank you Blik for creating these clever vinyl headboards to satisfy the recessionista in all of us.  I must admit… I am not usually a huge fan of vinyl decorations, but these neat headboards have changed my thinking.  When used correctly, they can add a fun and stylish touch to any bedroom.

A few suggestions if you choose to decorate with a vinyl headboard:
1.       Order your headboard in a color that is an accent color in the room (For example: if your bedspread is orange and white and you have one green accent pillow on your bed…choose a green headboard.  Get it?).  This will make the headboard pop and make it look more funky/chic and less cheesy. 
2.       Limit yourself to one vinyl decoration per room.  Too much vinyl will cheapen the look of the room.
3.       Don’t be afraid to be creative and alter the look of your headboard.  You could paint the inside of it or even put up a funky damask wallpaper to change the look.  The headboards can also be used as a pattern and removed once you have added your personal touch.

This is also a great and easy way to make your space uniquely your own in apartments (where you are limited on furniture space, painting options, etc.), college dorms, rented houses, or for the frequent mover!!! 


ABrooks said...

These are cool! I need one for my guest room.

B & C said...

My guest room was the first thing that I thought of too! You hate to spend too much on a room you hardly ever use. This is a great way to finish a room for a fraction of the cost.


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