A Little Fitness... Circuit Training

Here I am, last September.  I would find out that I was pregnant, to my great joy, a week later.  
I am NOT one of those women who gain 20 pounds and are right back in to their jeans 4 weeks post-partum.  Oh no.  I gain about 65 pounds and have to work my (not so) little booty off to get back in shape.  My baby is now 2 months and I have 35 pounds to go.  What ever will I do?

Enter circuit training.  I love this kind of stuff.  I am a jock at heart.  Sometimes I secretly wish I could join the Army just to go to boot camp (I would want to come home after that).

So, I am going to hand myself over to Brecke, trainer extroidinaire.  Check her out:
Brecke also had a baby recently and she is already back in action.

 I am going to be attending her circuit training class every Tuesday and Thursday mornings 6:00am-7:00am August 3rd until October 28th.  How will I ever wake up that early?  I can sleep when I get home, right?
So maybe you haven't had a baby for a while, or ever, but you want to get toned and burn 800 calories in one hour.  Circuit training is for you. 

You should join me if you are in the Salt Lake area!  All the equipment you'll need for the class is provided. Sign up for Circuit by emailing Brecke at  You can find more information and costs here.

Not in the area?  They have circuit training everywhere... so no excuses!  Sign up, get out there, amaze yourself.  I want to hear all about it!

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Polly said...

I take her class as well and LOVE IT! IT is amazing and you will feel and look FANTASTIC after!!


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