A Little Music... An Apology

Several years ago I was living in Boston and dating a boy in San Francisco. Somehow all of the planets aligned one weekend and I had to be in the Bay Area for work right on his birthday. It also just so happened that one of our favorite bands was playing that night. I got tickets to the show, he rounded up a small army of our mutual friends and after my workshop, he and a buddy picked me up and we headed over to enjoy a perfect evening with a band called Low.
But before Low could start, we had to endure this really annoying opening act. There were about 15 of us in our little group and all of us were so irritated by her. Her music wasn't great, she talked too much and she played way, way longer than we thought an opening act ought. She finally finished and the boy and I finally got to the business of holding hands and swaying to the main event. It still ranks as one of my favorite nights of all time.
That opening artist was a woman named Jolie Holland and to my utter surprise, her name started popping all over the place on the lips and blogs of people I really trusted. Could it be the same woman whose set we all grumbled through? So I resisted. Because I heard her firsthand and well, you don't always have to love everyone right?
Well yesterday we sent out on a pre 4th of July adventure and my friend popped in the CD he can't stop listening to. And ladies, I stand corrected. Jolie Holland is completely wonderful. This is from her 2008 album, The Living and the Dead. And it's perfection.

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