A Little Music... A Truly Dreamy Song

June was a busy month and I spent far, far too much of it on an airplane. However, time alone in airports meant plenty of time to catch up on all the old podcasts stacking up on my iPod. Loads of This American Life and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. And of course, KCRW's Today's Top Tune.
I was headed to Portland when Santa Monica Dream by Angus and Julia Stone cycled through my  iTunes. Maybe I was tired, maybe it was the altitude, but I started to cry, right there on the airplane. Santa Monica was the first place I moved all myself as an adult. Something about this song takes me right back to the summer of 2002 and trying to figure out what the heck to do with my life now that I had run up to the end of all the goals my 16 year old self had set.
It's a lovely summer tune even if you have never even seen the ocean. Angus and Julia are brother and sister. Wouldn't it be fun to be in a band with your brother? Especially if you wrote such lovely things together.


Jamie said...

I'm loving this song.

A Little Great said...

this song could seriously not be more beautiful. love it!


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