A Little History... The National Archives Website

National Archives maintains a website all about the Declaration of Independence.  
 You can download high resolution pictures of the engraved Declaration as well as the original hand-written Declaration.  The site also has the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  There is also the history of the charters and their impact on the United States of America.

The Faulker murals of the signers of the Declaration and also his mural of the signers of the Constitution are also available for viewing online.  The 1938 murals have been recently restored.  They incude numbers to identify the signers.

There is also biographical information of all the Founding Fathers.
This is an incredible resource of information. Brush up on your history.  Learn something new. 

You can even choose to sign The Declaration of Independence.  The program will ask if you have a color or black-and-white printer, and then let you choose your quill font: Colonist, American, or Patriot.  It will also warn you that if you sign the Declaration, you will immediately become a traitor to the king!

Find it all at the National Archives website.

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