A Little Style... Making that Belt Fit!

The other day I came across this belt.
It was over, I was in love!  The only problem was that they didn't have it in the size I wanted. I intended on styling it with an adorable blue maxi dress as in the above photo.  An idea that I thought was totally my own until I started to write this post and came across this photo (oh well).  Back to the sizing issue... I didn't care, I bought it anyway thinking I was sure I could make a couple more holes.  But how?
Then I remembered my scrapbooking eyelet hole punch.  Mine looks kinda like the one pictured above but it's more oldschool and isn't adjustable.  It has been years since I have used it (I'm into digital mac books these days) but I dug it up.  I simply placed it where the next hole should be with the belt right side up and hammered away.  I was able to add two perfect looking holes to my adorable new belt!

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