A Little Decorating... DIY Prints to Hang in Your Home

My husband and I just bought a house.  (Squeeeeee!!!!!!)  We have officially owned our very first house for a couple weeks now and the boxes are slowly becoming empty and the place is starting to feel like a home.  Now comes the fun part!  Making it OURS. 

I am a firm believer of living with items that hold meaning.  I try to purchase things that either inspire me or remind me of something happy.  The decorative plates in my kitchen remind me of that vineyard my husband and I went to in Napa Valley.  That photo of the lake reminds of my summer vacations in Maine.  The lamp on the end table reminds me of home and how my parents made us that lamp for our one-year wedding anniversary.  Everything has a meaning... everything evokes emotion.

That being said, here are a few ways you can personalize your space with printable decor that is inspiring and meaningful.  Versions of these are sure to find their way into my home (as soon as I find the box I put my color printer in... hmmm...)  :-)

Custom Eye Exam Chart
The creator of this print (a very talented blogger named Tammy from She Wears Flowers) has offered it as a editable file.  You can personalize this print with whatever text you would like (using Photoshop or Word files).  Think, your family's names, a favorite poem or quote... endless possibilities. 

Keep Calm Poster
If you haven't seen this poster around, you are definitely missing out!  With this poster creator you choose your text, background color, poster size, font, image, basically everything!  Too cool.  Along with the very common (and amazing) Keep Calm and Carry On you could add Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake, Keep Calm and Knit On, or anything you identify with.  (And if you know me at all, I identify with cupcakes!  Hehe.)

Inspiring Quote Prints
Over at Make it Perfect they showcased the work of a talented designer named Leanne who was nice enough to share a number of free art prints with blog readers.  There are so many good ones here!  A simple design with lots of meaning... my favorite kind of art.  Definitely click over to see all 15 prints (fifteen!) 
I hope you find these links useful and inspiring!  If you use any of these be sure to comment here to let us know and also on the original designers blog to let them know you appreciate their work!  :-)


corinne said...

sam, love these! and congrats on the house!

B & C said...

These are darling! What a great inexpensive way to make your own art!


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