A Little Music... Summer Heat!

I love summer. I love longer days and less clothing and sitting by the pool, I love that my boss seems to think it's a travesty if we work past 4 on a Friday. I love it that last night we watched a movie on my friend's lawn and last weekend we sat in a hammock for hours without one bit of guilt. I just flat love it. And maybe if it was always summer it would lose some of it's thrill but I kind of doubt it. I lived in Huntington Beach for a few years and I really never got tired of year round running on the beach or meeting friends for Taco Tuesday at the pier.

So it follows that I love music that feels like summer. This song by "The Avalanches" is one of my all time favorite "summer jams." I was sitting at lunch on Thursday and it happened to come up on my iPod and it was honestly all I could do not to start a one woman flash mob in the middle of Chipotle. The video also happens to be quite fabulous as well-that big fella can MOVE! Happy August everyone, make sure to take advantage of this last month of popsicles and watermelon and dinner on the deck.

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