A Little Music... Dog Days

One of the hazards of being something of a music nut is that sometimes people who aren't as crazy about it as you are get nervous about recommending stuff to you. They are afraid that you've either a) heard it-and heard it like a million years ago or b) you'll judge their taste.
Recently I've been hanging around with a new boy and although he knows way more than I do about snowboarding and mountain biking, I have him fairly well beat as far as music collections go. So last week he sort of nervously told me that he had discovered a band that he thought I would like. And yes, I was pretty sure that whoever he was going to suggest was likely someone I probably knew. Turned out I had never heard of her but thanks to my trusty iPhone (a music addict's very best friend as it turns out-I can download from the iTunes store ANYWHERE!!), I was able to sample a few tracks right there in the Noodles and Company parking lot.

Obviously if I'm writing about the artist, she kind of blew my mind. He told me to just trust him and get the whole album which I did and which has been in my ears nearly constantly for the last week. The band is called "Florence and the Machine" and Florence herself has got a voice that will probably make you want to make some kind of the deal with the devil to sound as awesome. The melodies are fantastic and the lyrics are beautiful. It's the best $10 you can spend this week. I'm using it as my house cleaning soundtrack today and I promise I'll be done in half the usual time.

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Jamie said...

Amazing band! I downloaded the album over the weekend after discovering them on the Twilight Soundtrack (which is better than you might think.)


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