A Little Parenting... School Days

Seeing as the first day of school is just around the corner, we have a little back-to-school routine at our house that we started this week. It starts with a clean room. (Which at our house can be like pulling teeth. Lots of drama and possibly tears.)
Once they have cleaned it up and everything is in its place, we go through the drawers and closet and take out the things they have outgrown. Since it will still be warm when school starts, this isn't the time to pack up summer clothes, just outgrown or worn out clothes and shoes.
Now we add in the new school clothes. This way we know what is needed or lacking.
Once the school clothes are purchased we have a little fun with it. I help my girls plan a fashion show combining their back to school clothes and the things already own. We pick out some music, lay out the outfits, along with accessories, and make dad watch and take pictures. My little guy likes to get in on the action too.My hope is that we can avoid some of the, "I don't know what to wear" drama of early mornings and they can get excited about going back to school and seeing friends and teachers again. Of course they're still young and they're girls, so it isn't too difficult. What back to school traditions do you have?


ABrooks said...

I have a special something laying on their bed when they get home. This year I gave my first grade daughter a tutu. It was so cute I had to buy it. What am I going to do with this? she says. Um, you're welcome...

Gotta love back to school!

Somer said...

That's funny. I give my girls a new Lip Smackers every year for the first day of school.


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