A Little Breakfast... My Favorite Waffle Iron

When my husband and I were creating our registry for our wedding 'a really nice waffle iron' was at the top of the list. I found one I really liked at JCPenney and added it right away. It was one of those cool Belgian-style ones that flip over (like the ones in college dining halls... remember?) I was beside-myself excited when I saw that someone had bought it from my registry and couldn't wait to try it out! My opportunity actually came before my wedding since a good friend thought I should have it (and be able to enjoy it) before leaving for my honeymoon. Apparently she understood my enthusiasm.

We used that waffle iron nearly every morning for the next week before our wedding and loved it. When we returned home from our honeymoon and looked though our gifts (we had stayed with my parents house the week of the wedding) I was missing my waffle iron. I called my Mom and told her I had left it at her house by mistake. She admitted that she had kept my waffle iron because she wanted one too. She ordered me a new one and had it sent to me the next week, but she didn't want to give up MY waffle iron... that's how good this thing is! (And, how crazy my Mom is... she totally kept one of MY wedding gifts! Hehe.)

So, if you are in the market for a great waffle iron that soaks up the syrup just right, makes light and fluffy waffles, and one you may just have to lock up so your relatives can't steal it... I definitely recommend this one! (Find it at JCPenney, Best Buy, or Kohl's.)

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corinne said...

holy cow sam, i am drooling! i want that waffle maker NOW! it is on my amazon wish list.


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