A Little Idea... Throw a Fairytale Birthday Party

Once upon a time, my daughter turned 6.  This is what the invitations looked like.  I just bought a box of wedding invitations for $10 at TJ Maxx.
All the girls came dressed as their favorite Fairy Tale character.  I had my mom dress up like Mother Goose and tell Fairy Tales.  She told Rapunzel and had the girls plant their own "garden," a little pansy in a pot. 

I also had my best friend dress up like Fairy Godmother and tell Fairy Tales.  Then all the girls got their pictures taken with her while sitting on the pink horse you can see in the photo above.

We played fairy tale themed games.  They tried to throw the golden ball in the pond.  And we made candy necklaces to get ready for the royal ball.  The girls got to select prizes like bouncy balls, play jewelry, and more from the little prize table.
Instead of cake I stacked sprinkled donuts.  Easier, cleaner, and cuter!  And I used stuffed animals that we already had for inexpensive and whimsical decor.

I found these little gumball machines for $1 at Walmart.  They were the perfect finishing touch.  I used part of the wedding invitations for the labels.  The girls had a magical time!

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Scarehaircare said...

This is so perfect! I am cataloguing this for The Love Magnet's bday next year.


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