A Little Idea... Save with Deal-a-Day Coupon Sites

Have you heard of those coupon sites that offer a deal a day? If you live in a metro area, you have likely heard of Groupon or Living Social. Many companies are following in their footsteps and offering a deal every day for your city.

Whether it is 50% at your favorite restaurant, show tickets, or a massage, it's easy to find something you can use on these sites. I have purchased many of these deals and I can say that I absolutely love the concept. It's been a good way to get deals on items I would have purchased anyway and also experience new things in my city that I wouldn't have otherwise thought of doing.

Just some examples of coupons I have purchased and loved: A Segway tour of the city, a dozen gourmet cupcakes, make my own wine (30 bottles!), aquarium tickets, and a bunch more!

Groupon - Featuring 95 cities and also a handy iPhone App so that you don't have to remember to print your coupons in order to use them! Also features a discussion for each deal which helps to clarify questions customers may have about the terms (very helpful!) Also includes 22 other countries.
Living Social - Deals on this site are typically 50% off. Featuring 62 cities including two in Europe as well as a comprehensive iPhone App and discussion forums.

Buy with Me - Featuring 10 cities and growing. Often offers more than one deal a day for select cities.

Other sites I haven't tried yet but offer the same type of service:
Scout Mob

Have you ever tried any of these sites? What was the best deal you've gotten?


ABrooks said...

I do Groupons all the time! love it!

Nic said...

If you are in San Francisco, Atlanta or New York City, definitely try Scoutmob! No upfront charge for the daily deal, and it is delivered to your phone via text message or iPhone/Android app. Convenient and a great deal!


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