A Little Health...Flu Shots

With the fall-like weather on it's way, flu season will be upon us before we know it. Unfortunately, I don't think we will get lucky and have another mild flu season like last year. So, it's best to be prepared, by getting vaccinated!!
Flu guidelines are simple this year...GET VACCINATED!! Unlike the confusion of last year with multiple flu vaccinations, restrictions, and shortages...this year is straightforward. Everyone should be vaccinated. And, to make it even simpler, the expected seasonal flu strains and the H1N1 flu strain have been combined into ONE vaccination!! That means just one flu shot for most people this fall (there are special considerations for children under 9 so be sure to check with your child's pediatrician).
Of course getting vaccinated is a personal choice. However, I would encourage everyone to be a "Flu Fighter", because you aren't just protecting are protecting the community as a whole.

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