A Little Style... Fight the Frump!

Alright, let's talk.  Have you ever seen your refection in the grocery store window and wondered who in the world?  Oh!  That's me!  I admit it has happened to me from time to time.  Its not easy to get dressed when there's no job I have to get to, I don't have any appointments today.  So why not hangout?  I mean, in my jammies?  All day.

By way of confession, there are times when I do hangout in my jammies.  Mostly those are times when my baby kept me awake too long or I am working on a particularly engrossing home decor project.  But most days I do drag myself (sometimes kicking and screaming) into my closet to get dressed.

Today I am going to share with you my three little tips for fighting the frump this Fall.

1. Have key pieces that you love and can't wait to wear.  (These adorable shoes would do the trick).
For me these are usually jeans.  I love jeans.  I don't think a girl can really have too many pairs of jeans.  In the past I would have recommend you splurge on a "premium" pair of jeans but lately I have noticed that affordable brands have really been stepping up the fit of their jeans.  I bought a pair at Target the other day for only $20 (they have long sizes now!) that I think I am really going to like.

A pair of cute-fitting jeans, an interesting tee and a jacket can really do wonders...

2. Emblellished Tees make you look accessorized without the effort!
This works especially well if you can get a little bit of sparkle near your face...

3. Rely on your boots.
Boot are key in Fall fashion.  They really can make such an impact.  If you are wearing a pair of cute boots your outfit can be quite plain and your boots pull it together and make it interesting.

I have these boots.  I featured them on my style blog recently and I have had two readers purchase them and they love them as much as I do.  And they are super duper affordable!

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corinne said...

YOU, look at your reflection? I can't imagine!
Ha ha ha! You know I love you Aly. I love this post too... good tips my style phenom!


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