A Little Cleaning... Magic Eraser

I know you probably already know about the Magic Eraser.  But on the off chance you have yet to discover this divine invention, let me just say, "magic" is not an overstatement.
This baby will get out things you thought would never come out.  Here are a few things that the magic eraser can erase: (some of these taken from this webpage)
scuff stains on your walls and baseboards
weird stains in your kitchen sink
tarnish from silver
marks on vinyl siding
coffee and tea stains
mirrors in bathrooms (to stop fogging)
adhesive residue from stickers
dried splatters inside microwave
hair dye from countertops and floors
rust, grime, nail polish, melted plastic, grill grates, etc etc etc...

You get the idea.  Buy one already and try it out if you haven't yet.  You will love it!

And recently Mr. Clean added a new member to the magic family...
A bathroom specialty!  Soap scum on any bathroom surface is obliterated!!!!  Mold, grout grime... see ya!
I was buying this at the grocery store and the checkout lady's eyes boggled... she said "I didn't realize that magic eraser made a bath scrubber!  I have to get one!"

Yes you do lady, yes you do.
Enjoy your clean house!


ABrooks said...

Dude! I am so getting one of these to keep in my shower to scrub down the glass doors that get all nasty! So you are telling me there is no need for an additional cleaning agent? I could fire my cleaning ladies if it's that easy...

B & C said...

I love, love, love me some magic erasers. They rock! I have thought a million times to myself "someone should do a post on these" Thank you for reading my mind and sharing some magic eraser love.

Amanda @ Little House on the Corner said...

I've heard of the Magic Eraser but still haven't actually bought one to try it out. Now I'm thinking that I really need to! I have some marks on my walls that aren't wiping off and I bet this would do the trick. We also have trouble keeping our shower doors clean, so I should probably invest in that bath scrubber too! Thanks for this post!


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