A Little...Halloween Photography

Every Halloween I attempt to take professional looking photographs of my kids in their Halloween costumes. I have the fancy Nikon, the pumpkin backdrop, and the cute kiddos in cute costumes. But, every year I end up giving up and heading to my favorite photographer, Kathryn Michaels Photography.

Kathryn Michaels Photography is not just a "little great"...she's "a lot great"! Kathryn has an amazing ability to capture "you", even when your wee little ones are in costume!! Capturing the precious moments of our lives can be challenging. First you have to have the outfit and hair just right. Then you have to make sure they have had naps, are fed, and in good moods. If your kids are anything like mine, you know this can be a challenge at home or at the photographer's studio. What I've learned, is that no matter how chaotic life is, paying a professional photographer for professional pictures is worth it. I always walk away with fantastic photographs of my kiddos!! And I am so grateful for a Halloween keepsake of my kiddos in costume. (Unfortunately I am mid-move and don't have access to them right now to show them off.)

So when do I get these Halloween photographs? Ever year, I join Kathryn for her annual Halloween Charity Bash. Here's the scoop. You bring them 2 cans of food (or a $5 donation) to benefit the Utah Food Bank and they'll pose your kiddo in their custom-designed pumpkin patch and give you a FREE print! You heard me right... you get a FREE professional portrait of your little ones in their Halloween Costume in return for a Food Bank Donation!! Don't miss this fabulous event to benefit the Utah Food Bank on October 30th 2-6pm.

Kathryn has been photographing my family for 3 years and has been a dear friend for even longer. Our family treasures the photos she has taken and love being a part of this fun family Halloween tradition!!

Check out her website for more information at

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