A Little Halloween Cuisine - Caramel Apples

Family Food Traditions. I love 'em! One of my favorites happens on the Monday before Halloween. At my house, we have a family activity to make caramel apples. No particular recipe, we either peruse the Internet for ideas or use a basic caramel recipe and go from there.

Annie's Eats (making your world taste better) has a great basic recipe. Super easy to dip and drizzle for a great presentation. Thanks, Annie, for making our world taste better. Check out her other recipes. She is new to me. I plan on perusing her website for other goodies.

Susan at Savoring Time in the Kitchen created a grown-up version with salted caramel and cute bows. You all know about my obsession with salted caramel anything. You didn't? Well, now you know what to get me for my birthday (it's in October). Thankyouverymuch.

Big Red Kitchen (you fab foodie guru, you) has given me a new idea with topping and filling, much like a baked apple. She also includes a great idea for nut allergies: filling with a mix of marshmallow fluff, rice krispies and cinnamon. Great idea!

Or, make your own. Be sure to check out this site: Dessert Comes First is from the Phillippines and shows just how overboard they go with their dipped apples. You want to go overboard. Load up on nuts, candies, sprinkles (jimmies for you Easterners whom do not speak Western), white/dark/rainbow-hued dipping chocolate, special salts, what-have-you.

As for me, the Salted Caramel Apple is on the goodie list. Be sure you leave a comment with your plans and fave combinations! If you blog about it, be sure to post your blog addy for me to visit.

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