A Little... Cold

So I caught my first fall cold. For the first time in my life, I have diligently taken care of myself throughout this cold. I know that sounds silly, but it is true. I think I am usually in such denial about my cold that I make it 10x worse by pretending that I am almost better, or that it isn't as bad as it feels, and therefore avoiding taking medication or doing things that would help me feel somewhat better along the way.

So I am here on the mend from this cold, to tell you what products I have decided are "a little great" worthy to help battle cold and flu season... and I want to hear what your favorite products are. We all need a little help here, until some genius who I will worship forever figures out how to cure the cold (a girl can hope, can't she?)

Bear with me, some of these might be really obvious, but some of them might surprise you. I also want your nominations for GOLD STAR "a little great" worthy cold and flu products! Please leave a comment!  Also, I did not take all these products at the same time... obviously use these products responsibly!


Okay these are BRAND NEW to me! I have always hated cough drops - Hall's cough drops are always too strong for me and make me tear up and gag... I can't stand them for long. I was in a conference and coughing my brains out and a nice lady next to me offered me a cough drop. I was wary at first, but desperate due to my location. She gave me a Ricola Herb Drop - sounds gross right? WRONG! Totally good, not too strong, worked perfectly (I stopped coughing) and natural to boot! I bought a bag of them as soon as I got out of the conference.  Score!

Gold star product #2... Sinus Rinse or Neti Pot

This may be new to you - if you have not tried a neti pot or a sinus rinse product, I highly recommend! Don't freak out on me, this totally works!
here is a neti pot
I own this one (they do the same thing)

Basically you are "washing" your sinuses with a mild saline rinse (just add one of the saline packets to warm water and go!)  This has worked wonders for me in cleaning out gunk from my nose, and even more importantly, in preventing sinus infections from developing.  It always helps me feel better to do it a couple times a day when I have a cold.  The first time you try it may be a bit weird, but just remember to keep your mouth open and breathe normally.  You can also do a little "sniff" after you finish with each side as this will help the back of your sinuses also get the rinse.  Trust me on this, if you haven't tried washing your sinuses yet, it just may save you this winter!

Gold Star Product #3... Mucinex DM

This stuff helped me stop coughing like a maniac at night when I no longer needed something as strong as Nyquil (see below) but would wake up with spastic dry coughing bouts.  This also helped when I had to be at work but didn't want to hack all day long.  I am new to Mucinex, and I likey.

Gold star product #4... NYQUIL

I would like to give this rockin' concoction its due praise. Can I get a HOLLA for nyquil? Seriously, this stuff makes it so I can actually get REST when I am too stuffy to breathe in a prone position, and when I am coughing my brains out it brings sweet relief. Bless the Nyquil inventors. I like to take the gelcaps because the liquid stuff tastes NASTY!

Gold star product #5... SUDAFED

Okay I know you all know about Sudafed (and Nyquil), I am just saying that this is a list of things to have on hand ALL WINTER LONG so you can take care of yourself! Make sure you space out buying this stuff otherwise you will get busted for trying to make a meth lab or something.

Gold Star Product #6... Warm Mist Humidifier

I always remember to give my kids their humidifier when they have colds but tend to forget to whip this baby out for myself... and whenever I do, I am so glad I did!  Helps so much with breathing comfortably at night and not waking up with above mentioned hacking cough of death.

Gold Star Product #7... Super Vitamins and Herbs
It always makes me feel better when I am sick to take a super dose every day of something that is supposed to be helpful in battling a cold... like Airborne, or a Super Duper Vitamin C packet, or echinacea, or zinc, or all of the above!  I also love me some Orange Juice and TONS OF WATER.  Sometimes herbal tea feels so soothing too and just hits the spot.

So there is my gold star list for now.  Please make a comment and tell me (us) what you LOVE to use to battle colds and flu.  We could all use a little help!
One last thought... I was thinking about how when I was pregnant and had a cold I couldn't take much of ANYTHING really to help me out (plus I was even paranoid to take what they told me I could for fear I would somehow damage my baby!)  What products or tricks did you or do you use when pregnant?

I can't wait to read your tips and hope mine were somewhat helpful!


Scarehaircare said...

I love Ricolla, Nyquil, Sudafed, and Mucinex that I keep it stocked in multiples. I also like hot lemon water with honey (and strong as you can stand it) for cutting mucus and soothing my scratchy throat.

Vick's vapor rub or patches - these are great for stuffy heads. I always combine it with a humidifier.

Jilly said...

I totally love the neti pot! I got one last winter when I had a cold once a month. It worked wonders, and I felt like my head un-stuffed for a while. I like the halls berries and cream throat drops. They are mild, and taste like the creamy life savers. I've heard Mucinex is amazing, but have yet to try it!

A Little Great said...

from facebook:
Haley Florence Bastian Anderson:

LOVE the neti pot or sinus rinse. awesome.

A Little Great said...

From Facebook:

Laura Simons Kelly:

I have been using essential oils, Lavendar, oregano, eucalyptus...they work great! If you want more details contact me.

somewhereinthyme said...

I use Saline nasal spray every day in the winter to keep from getting a cold and to relieve dryness and stuffiness. Also, I gargle with Listerine every night in the winter to ward off colds as well.
Super C products help me avoid most colds in the winter.
But, if I do get a cold Nyquil would win my vote for providing the most relief.

Nanci said...

The neti pot can be very effective but many think it's gross. Plus you can't necessarily take it with you wherever you go -- that may draw attention in public places. A nasal cleansing spray can be a good compliment during the day when you're in between neti pot treatments or if you're using medication which limits use. Dr. Neuzil's Irrigator has essential oils that refresh and moisturize your nose while rinsing out the dust, pollen, and other irritants that cause sinus discomfort.

Lisita said...

I've been trying to be brave enough to try the neti pot. I even got one for free, Walgreens was handing them out! Thanks for all the tips C!

Jen said...

I too was totally freaked out on trying neti. But then I read some great FAQs and online support here at: ...haven't had any reason to complain since :)


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