A Little Music-Falling Slowly

Sometimes I worry that in this world where we have personalized iPods and Facebook pages and blogs, we'll only ever be exposed to exactly the things we choose. That surprises might not find us anymore once Facebook tells Pandora that I only listen to Ryan Adams and Broken Social Scene.

So I really love little public stations like KEXP in Seattle that are still plugging along, digging up great music and keeping us all on our toes.

This is a perfect fall track by a band that it definitely on the way up called The Head and the Heart. It has pretty much stolen mine.

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Jamie said...

Loving this! I sense a little Avett Brothers (which I love) and maybe a hint of Band of Horses! Another great pick.

I will just say that my musical horizons actually expanded once I have up listening to radio with its programmed set of music. By having to hunt it up on my own, I find my musical world has expanded.


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