A Little...Halloween Health Tips

Fall is here and Halloween is just around the corner! And so the Holiday Season begins. It has been reported that the average American gains 7-12 pounds between Halloween and New Year's. Hopefully these tips regarding Halloween will get you started on the right foot so you keep the weight gain to a minimum.

1. Keep your goals firmly planted in your mind.
It's okay to have a few sweets from your child's stash (we all know that's where you get it). Just remember your health goals and consume in moderation.

2. Keep an eye on serving sizes and portions.
Any food (even not so healthy ones) can be worked into your diet. Again it's about moderation. Think about portions and serving sizes and stay within your goals.

3. Make a plan.
If you are like me, you grab a treat or two every time you walk past the bowl. This can add up to hundreds of calories before you know it. Plan ahead and count a few treats into your diet ahead of time. Count them out in advance and place them in a separate bowl or dish. Then put the big bowl of candy out of sight. This will keep you from feeling deprived and still allow you to stay on track towards your goals.

4. Avoid the "all-or-nothing" mentality.
Let's face it, no one's perfect. We all have "binge" days. Don't get the "I already blew it" mentality. Just start fresh the next day and add an extra workout to compensate for your candy binge.

5. What is in YOUR candy bowl?
While my husband prefers to give out the candy that we love to eat, I prefer to buy the stuff I don't like. That way if there are leftovers, I am not likely to overindulge. You can also consider healthier or lower calorie options such as dried fruits, nuts, raisins, cheese and cracker packets, popcorn, fruit roll-ups, marshmallows, or gummy bears. You could even go so far as to choose non-food alternatives such as miniature toys, glow-in-the-dark necklaces, and other fun goodies.

Good luck! And, Happy Halloween!!

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Amber said...

Oh wow I knew people gained weight I didn't know it was that much, crazy!

Thanks for the heads up and the hints.



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