A Little Insight... Making a Change

You may or may not have noticed my limited presence here at A Little Great. It isn't because I don't love writing and coming up with projects, but simply because I have less time. See, my family is going through some big changes, which involves a move of 1300 miles. My husband is taking a job in rural Texas and this suburban family is moving to the country.

Change scares me, it always has. Usually a change involves the unknown and while history tells me the unknown can be wonderful, I just don't know that yet. I used to think I could be happy anywhere, but it hasn't always been that way. We moved around a lot when I was young and while I never fully got used to it, I learned to accept and make the best of the situation. My dad however, was a gypsy at heart, a new town, a new house, a new adventure.

Through the years of my married life, we too have moved around. In the pursuit of my husband's career we have lived in three different states. We have met some wonderful people and had amazing experiences. But it is hard. I remember the loneliness and insecurity of being in a new place. Sometimes there was even depression while I tried to adjust to my new life. It scares me to be doing this again.

I love where I live. Our house, schools, neighborhood, and church have become these families that I love. They help me raise my children and better myself, they are my village. There are wonderful memories here that I will hold onto forever because they have forever changed me. As I get ready for this change I have been filing away moments in my heart. There are so many moments that I love, so many people I will miss.

While some things will change I know there are things that will stay with me always, my little family, my need to craft, my love of writing here at A Little Great. There are so many things that make me who I am. I hope I can find more to learn and love even in the unknown.


Hall of Fame said...

Somer, I understand how you are feeling and what you are experiencing. I hope you and your adorable family have many more fantastic experiences. Because YOU are so fantastic, I know you will! Take care and good luck! Amy

ABrooks said...

I will miss you SO much!!!

Cynthia said...

I know exactly how you feel...but you have a great personality and will make friends wherever you go. Your children are older now and it will be easier to get to know people through them. You do have your creativity to keep you company too! You will most likely get a huge church calling :)

Katie said...

Somer! I still can't get over it. I just seems wrong that when you get to Texas no one will know how awesome you are...I'm sure they'll figure it out fast though. I hope you keep posting on both your blogs...I'd love to hear how things turn out in your new life :) If you do start feeling the "loneliness birds" please know I'm only a phone call again and would love to hear from you :)


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