A Little Cuisine... My Favorite Banana Bread Recipes

I love making banana bread on cold rainy days. It's perfect for the kids' after-school snack paired with a steamer ( I always keep coconut, hazelnut, pumpkin pie, and caramel syrups on hand for steamers).

I've been making these recipes from Cooking Light since they came out in the same September 2003 article. I've tried other, but they just aren't the same. Let's get started!

Coconut Banana Bread with Lime Glaze. I use coconut and rum flavorings instead of rum in the batter and grate lime zest into the glaze. I've also been known to sprinkle some toasted macadamia nuts over the glaze.

Marbled-Chocolate Banana Bread. I always slip and add more chocolate than called for. Admit it, you would intentionally slip and add extra chocolate, too. So incredibly good. Use the Guittard extra-dark chocolate chips if you can find them in your local grocery.

Cardamom Banana Bread with Pistachios. This one is a bit unusual, mainly because cardamom is not a spice people keep on hand (unless they are into Swedish cooking). I like to double the cardamom. I read that others who have made this one also add a bit of cinnamon. I prefer just to let the cardamom flavor shine.

If you must slather a condiment onto your slice of banana bread, try lemon curd or a honey-sweetened cream cheese. Mmmmmmm.

Now, if I could just keep the bananas on my counter long enough to ripen for banana bread. Bananas at my house disappear fast.

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